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Bye Bye Bunny

Today, I purged the house of anything sugary that might be lurking in a cupboard or drawer, just waiting to tempt me when my will power is low. Some people can have a chocolate bar sitting on their desk for weeks and it will remain untouched. These people are beyond the realm of my comprehension. A chocolate bar would be lucky to last a few seconds if one happened to end up on my desk; although the more likely scenario is that I devour it before I even get to my desk.


So today I cleared out any sugary temptation from the house because I know at some point I would give in and eat it. If I know it is there then its fate is already sealed. I wanted to keep the chocolate Easter bunny, I really did. I was trying to rationalise why it should remain; in case there is a power cut and I am in desperate need of energy to trek into the town to buy food, on the off chance some children come round and they demand chocolate, to reward myself when the Challenge ends (that was a really terrible reason!). In the end I knew it had to go, no amount of reasoning was going to make it ok for it to stay if I am committed to this Challenge and I am. So bye bye bunny, I am sad not to have tasted your creamy chocolate goodness but know it is for the best. Does he look sad, or is that just me?


Tomorrow is already shaping up to be a challenging day. I am spending it in the office and I have been asked to bake ‘my’ banana bread. This recipe contains lots of sugar, caramelised walnuts and chocolate. I said yes to baking it because why make things easy for myself when I can make it excruciatingly painful? So no licking the bowl or utensils, no cutting the corner off to test it and no warm bananary, walnuty, caramely slice when I cut it tomorrow. That is definitely not the Joy of Baking that I know and love.

However, as I said yesterday, I CAN DO IT!