Saying "NO!" to chocolate. Almost...

Saying “NO!” to chocolate. Almost…

In my previous blog I wrote about New Year’s resolutions and looked at why you were destined for almost certain failure and ways to create resolutions that you might stand a chance keeping. I get though, that not everyone wants to create a list of good intentions and goals just because we are starting a new year. Why should a new month make any difference to how we live our lives? Shouldn’t we be living the best we can each day and trying to better ourselves every day? Of course we should, but things are not always that easy. We can get stuck in a rut with our habits and how we go through our daily life. We can forget what our good intentions were as our busy lives consume us. Sometimes we can lose or way, side-tracked by other things, or thrown off course by events in our lives that we cannot predict. For this reason I think creating resolutions can be good.

For me, compiling my resolutions is part of a regrouping and therapeutic process. I review the past year and look forward to the year ahead. I see if there is anything I can take from the past year and use it to be better the coming year. I take the time to think about if there is anything I wanted to do last year but for whatever reason forgot about and did not manage to do. I look at where I am now and where I would like to be. I think about whether there is anything I really want to achieve this year, a specific goal that I can set my sights on. I also include those resolutions that annoyingly keep on reappearing year after year.

For me, this is an enjoyable process. One that helps me clear my thoughts, move on from the past year and focus on everything I am now and everything I want to be. Yes, by the end of 2016 I will have forgotten most of what I wrote down and life will have happened in unexpected ways and thrown my good intentions way of course. But that is ok. For me that is not the important part of the resolutions anyway. The important part is the taking of time for myself, stopping to think, being aware of myself and what I want. Plus, being the list person that I am, I actually enjoy making a list of resolutions that I can go through and tick –off (or not…).

So here they are, my resolutions for 2015:

In no particular order…..


  1. Stopping picking my lips! – A bad habit that I have not managed to kick for the past 15 years
  2. Meditate every day (10 – 15 minutes) – This is something I started in April last year and carried on for 3 or so months and then it got lost in life. I found it incredibly beneficial to my everyday stress levels.
  3. Learn Dutch (conversational level will be fine!) – After my second new year’s eve and numerous holidays of not being able to speak any Dutch with my boyfriend’s friends and family, it is time to learn at least the basics so I can attempt to get involved in conversations.
  4. Cut down on the chocolate (special occasions only) – Earlier this year weeks would go by when no chocolate passed my lips and then something changed and I realised I was having it every day for a ‘treat’. I don’t need it. I now crave it out of habit which I hate.
  5. Try climbing (I want to say learn to climb, but what if I hate it?…) – I want a challenge and think this could be a good one.
  6. Work Harder (building my business) – This is something I have had to admit to myself which was not easy. This year I want to build on my Personal Training business and expand the online coaching and fitness event side of things. I made plans last year but didn’t take action and nothing will change that way.
  7. Go on the radio (my wild card) – Just before NYE I was in a shopping centre and they had converted an empty shop unit into a pop-up radio station. You could see the DJs chatting away and it looked awesome and I thought I want to do that! I have no idea where to start with this one.


Be brave. Lay it on the table and share your new year’s resolutions with us all.