SPORTS BRAS….It might not be the most openly talked about subject in fitness but it is certainly a very important one for us ladies.

Sports Bra

Why you need to wear a Sports Bra

Do you wear a proper sports bra? If not, then you should go on the internet tonight and buy one. Far too often I see a lady running along the street, or taking part in a fitness class and she is wobbling all over the place. Apart from being jolly uncomfortable, it is damaging to our assets!

Boobs are made of soft tissue and as we all know this becomes less elastic over time, so that by the time we are 90 we have the prospect of boobs down to our knees. Our everyday bras help to slow down this process, but they are not enough when working out. When doing high intensity cardio, like running, metafit, hiit training; which involves lots of movements, jumping around and jiggling, our chest feels the impact. Over time the elasticity in the boobs will become less and less and our boobs lower and lower. Not great right?! Sports bras, whatever your chest size, are specially designed to minimise the impact your boobs come under, thereby slowing down the process which can only be a good thing.

Nowadays, sports bras come in all different colours, all sizes imaginable and lots of different styles. There is something for every lady out there and they should not be considered a luxury or a taboo subject.

Once you have your sports bra, it is important to remember that it does not last forever. Like most things we buy, it gets worn with use until it no longer does the job is was bought for. The more often you exercise the more often you need to replace your bras.

Some good websites to find your perfect sports bras are and . I recommend going for a double fastening one if you are anything over a C cup as these give a lot more support.

If you have any recommendations let us know below!